Missouri Career Center, Ozark Region
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Council of Local Elected Officials

Words to go by -

Don’t wing an interview—learn how to do it, we can help.

WIB News & Meeting Information

Missouri Career Center storefront

Springfield Business Journal talks with WIB Member Dr. Anne Brett



Upcoming Meetings

Council of Local Elected Officials (CLEO), Tuesday, March 15, 8 a.m.


Minutes for Approval

WIB Candidates

AO Modification

State Parks Youth Corp (SPYC) Budget

Technical Assistance Plan

Business Service Plan



WIB Planning & Oversight Committee


Minutes for Approval

Performance Report


Ozarks Plan of Service

Calendar of Meetings


Want to know what services are available to businesses? Click the following link



MERIC Labor Market Information




What has the Board accomplished?

Workforce Investment Board - Report of Activities

Mobile Career Center


First & Third Tuesdays in Marshfield-Young's Shopping Center 10:00--3:00

Second and Fourth Tuesdays in Bolivar-Dollar General Lot 10:00--3:00

First and Third Thursdays in Buffalo-Save-A-Lot Lot 10:00--3:00


New MERIC Study on Women in Missouri's Workplace Released